This Beginner's Course shows you everything you need to quickly get started airbrushing. The techchinques that we go over are

  1. Ombre 2 and 3 color
  2. Adding Lace to the ombre
  3. Layering in foils for quick art
  4. Shadowing and Shading concepts

Hi, I’m Chloe

I'm a 16 year nail veteran. Originally from Detroit, MI and currently residing in San Antonio, TX. Being a nail artist for so long I have seen lots of trends come and go. Nail art is ever evolving and because of my training and travel I have decided to help nail artist who either don't have the resources to travel for classes or no access at all a learn at home option. Join me as we create nail art that increases your skill set as well as your bottom line.

Consistent practice equals results

Using the techniques in this class you can begin to learn to layer

Ombre Stencil Techniques

Using the techniques learned in the video's you can create looks like this.